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CHCS senior living facilities gradually reopen to visitors

Improving COVID-19 circumstances and growing numbers of vaccinations mean that Community HealthCare System can gradually relax visitor restrictions at Redbud Plaza Assisted Living, Eastridge Skilled Nursing Facility, and St. Marys Manor while still protecting the health of residents.

Important changes are as follows.

Redbud Plaza Assisted Living

All Redbud residents have now received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. As of February 27, 2021, Redbud residents may leave the facility to visit family, and they may host visitors in their apartments. All visitors must come to the front door for screening, then enter through individual residents’ patio doors until March 5. After March 5, visitors may enter through the front door after screening and pass through public areas.

According to Lura Flentie, CHCS director of long-term care services, this precaution is being taken to ensure that a few remaining residents can finish the 14-day waiting period after receiving their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Those who received their second dose a little late for medical reasons will complete their 14-day waiting period on March 5.

“We want to ensure that all residents have developed full immunity before allowing visitors to pass through our public areas on their way to seeing their family members,” Flentie said.

Flentie also noted that Redbud will not yet allow large group gatherings or encourage family members to eat in the Redbud dining room at this time.

“We want to remain cautious, so we are asking residents and family members to continue to wear masks, sanitize hands, and maintain social distance for a while longer,” Flentie said.

Eastridge Skilled Nursing Facility

Residents who have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and completed the 14-day waiting period are now allowed to leave the facility with family members to ride in vehicles as long as all passengers wear masks. Visitors are allowed to enter the facility and visit with residents in the visitation room. Visitors will not be allowed in residents’ rooms or other public spaces to protect residents who have not received the vaccine, and all visitors must be screened and wear a mask.

“It’s a huge uplift for residents to see family and go out. We are thrilled, and so are the families,” Flentie said.

St. Marys Manor

St. Marys Manor has several residents who are recovering from COVID-19. The last positive test was February 11, and if no more residents test positive, the visitation room will be open effective March 4 according to guidelines from the Pottawatomie County Public Health Department and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Similar to Eastridge, healthy residents who have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and completed the 14-day waiting period will also be able leave the facility with family members on March 4. Visitors will not be allowed in residents’ rooms to protect those who chose not to receive the vaccine, and all visitors will be screened and wear a mask.

According to CHCS CEO Todd Willert, relaxed visitor guidelines are helpful for the morale of residents and staff, but safety precautions remain in place.

“We have been vigilant for such a long time, so it’s nice to relax some, but we know that COVID-19 remains active in our communities. We ask everyone to continue to take precautions as we continue to protect the health of our residents and staff,” Willert said.

Flentie said her staff is eager to help families connect with residents. “Families with questions should contact us. We will be happy to explain our new guidelines,” she said.


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