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Eastridge employee tests positive for COVID-19

An associate at Eastridge Skilled Nursing Facility in Centralia has tested positive for COVID-19. The associate was wearing a KN95 mask during their shift. When the associate was notified that they had tested positive, the associate was an hour and a half into their shift and left work immediately. The associate is asymptomatic and was tested at another workplace in a county in north-central Kansas as part of that facility's routine screening of all employees. At this time, no other employees or residents are showing any signs or symptoms of respiratory illness. 

According to Lura Flentie, director of long-term care services at Community HealthCare System, or CHCS, residents and family members have been informed, per the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services, or KDADS. 

“We have maintained a high level of vigilance to protect our residents and staff from COVID-19, and our associates are well versed in the right procedures to follow,” Flentie said.  

Other CHCS associates have quarantined because of exposure or have tested positive in the last few months, but none have come into contact with residents of long-term care facilities until now.

CEO Todd Willert said that CHCS is reviewing testing requirements that were issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, or CMS, last week. CHCS will work to implement a testing plan soon. 

Four residents who came into contact with the positive employee during the brief time the employee was at work are being quarantined as a precaution according to Kansas Department of Health and Environment guidelines. 

“We will continue to protect our residents to the best of our ability and to follow guidance from CMS and KDADS,” Flentie said. 

CHCS has a universal mask policy and continues to screen all patients and visitors to all facilities. Associates are screened daily before reporting to work according to guidelines from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Those who do not pass the screening questions are asked not to report to work, and procedures are in place to monitor employees who become ill or who test positive for COVID-19. Visitors to long-term care facilities are allowed one at a time by appointment. Visits are supervised to ensure social distancing and masking, and visitors are screened, closely monitored, and are allowed access only to the space set aside for visits, which is thoroughly cleaned between appointments.

Anyone with a fever, cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea, loss of sense of smell and taste, and/or headache, or anyone who suspects exposure to COVID-19, should contact a medical provider or one of our clinics for the best way to proceed with care.


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