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CHCS to hold Health Fair April 27 in Holton, St. Marys

CHCS to hold Health Fair April 27 in Holton, St. Marys

Regular health screenings are important no matter your age or health status. Community HealthCare System will make it easier to obtain those screenings on April 27 with a Health Fair in both St. Marys and Holton.

The Health Fair at both locations will offer low-cost labs from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. Individuals can receive a complete blood count, chemistry panel, thyroid screen, cholesterol panel, and hemoglobin A1c for diabetes screening for $30. A prostate specific antigen, or PSA, test can be added for $15. Payment is by cash, check, or credit card. Patients are encouraged to schedule an appointment in advance. To schedule in Holton call 785-364-3205, and for St. Marys, call 785-437-3734. Walk-ins will also be welcome.

Merica Surdez, chief of provider and clinic operations at CHCS, said it’s a good idea for anyone age 18 and over to have blood drawn for wellness labs. Those with health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or obesity should also be sure to have the tests.

“Everyone – including young, healthy people who would not routinely qualify for screening labs – should consider having their labs completed at the Health Fair. It is quick, easy, and affordable, and it helps prompt important conversations with your primary care provider [PCP],” Surdez said.

According to Surdez, those with chronic health conditions should have labs completed at minimum once a year. This is the second year Community HealthCare System has offered low-cost labs in Holton and St. Marys.  “We had a great-turnout last year at both locations, providing more than 275 labs,” Surdez noted.  “We will be offering low-cost labs again this fall on October 5 in Onaga,”she said.

Individuals should fast before having blood drawn, and should not eat or drink anything other than water or black coffee after 12:00 midnight.

All who participate in the Health Fair will complete a consent form and proceed to the blood drawing station.  Once labs are done, participant will also have the opportunity to grab a snack and a drink, plus some information about CHCS services. Individuals will receive blood test results in the mail. Because of the nature of the event, results will not be sent to primary care providers, so individuals should plan to contact their provider’s office for an appointment to discuss results. Surdez said that discussing lab results with your PCP assists with early detection of any abnormalities. "The best thing to do after receiving your results is to schedule an office visit with your PCP,” Surdez said. 

In addition to the low-cost labs, both locations will offer car seat safety check lanes and information regarding available mental health services through CHCS.


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