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Join CHCS at St. Marys Senior Center

How do you find healthcare services in your community when a loved one needs recovery and rehabilitation? What kind of services are available? How can you best prepare for your future needs? How can you safeguard your health and quality of life?

Community HealthCare System will help answer these questions in a new event series at the St. Marys Senior Center. All are welcome to join for CHCS Connect sessions in April and May. Presentations will begin at 11:30 a.m., and upcoming topics are as follows.

  • April 19: Stroke Awareness presented by Jolene Wessel, RN, and Lacey Niehues, RN. Stroke is a leading cause of death and long-term disability in the United States. In many cases, strokes don’t have to be disabling or deadly. Knowing the warning signs of a stroke and acting quickly may help you or your loved one escape the damaging effects of a “brain attack.” This program will review the causes of stroke, risk factors, the signs and symptoms of a stroke, and what steps you can take to help BE FAST in providing help.
  • April 26:  CHCS Swing Bed Program and Community HomeHealth services, advance directives and community resources presented by Deanne Tanking, RN case manager and skilled rehab coordinator; Alexis Whorton, Community HomeHealth manager; and Angie Sauvage, Licensed Master Social Worker. The Swing Bed Program provides rehabilitation and recovery services for patients who need time to rebuild strength following illness or surgery. The goal is to help patients return home and live independently or with the help of community resources. Community HomeHealth provides intermittent, part-time care in a patient’s home to help patients meet goals and maintain the maximum level of independence. Our presenters will talk about how to connect with CHCS to set up care and how our staff can help patients navigate insurance and other barriers.  Advance directives are written statements of a person’s wishes regarding medical treatment. A living will or power of attorney can help ensure that your wishes are carried out if you are unable to communicate them. Angie will also discuss other community resources such as Meals on Wheels and transportation assistance. Taking advantage of these resources can make life easier!
  • May 3: Fall Prevention presented by Mary Abitz from the Area Agency on Aging and Pottawatomie County Health Department. Falls are our number one cause of injuries. Learn how you can make your environment safer and how you can build strength to avoid problems.

“We know that navigating the healthcare system can seem difficult, but we can help provide choices and make decisions easier. Our nurses, social workers, physical therapists, and other staff have a wealth of knowledge to share that can help enrich the health and lives of the people we serve in northeast Kansas,” said Mindy Olberding, Chief Nursing Officer at CHCS.

The St. Marys Senior Center is at 403 W Lasley St. in St. Marys, KS. Reservations are not required to attend.


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