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Health Fair FAQ

Want to learn more about what lab tests at our Health Fair will tell you? Take a look at answers to some frequently asked questions. 

What tests will I receive?

Lab tests include complete blood count, chemistry panel, thyroid screen, cholesterol panel, and hemoglobin A1c for diabetes screening for $25. A prostate specific antigen, or PSA, test can be added for $10.

What does a chemistry panel tell me?

The chemistry panel will test liver function as indicated by liver enzymes ALT and AST; kidney function as indicated by creatinine; electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and CO2); and blood glucose.

Are iron and magnesium levels included in the results?

No. These are separate tests that are not included at the Health Fair; however, the complete blood count will indicate your hemoglobin level, which can indicate whether you have an iron deficiency.

What does the thyroid screen measure?

The thyroid screen measures TSH, or thyroid stimulating hormone.

What does measuring PSA tell me?

A PSA test is one way to screen for prostate cancer in men.

Why do I need to fast before the test?

Fasting improves the accuracy of the tests because nutrients in food and beverages are absorbed into your bloodstream and could affect measurements.

How long will this take, and when will I get my results?

The blood draw will take only a few minutes, but wait times for walk-ins depends on volume. Calling to schedule will minimize the wait. Add extra time if you wish to receive a flu shot or Tdap vaccine from Pottawatomie County Public Health. Results will come via mail in about 2 weeks.

Still have questions? Email [email protected] or read the full news story about our next Health Fair.

Download a PDF handout of this FAQ 


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