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First on the scene: Mueting serves as volunteer first responder in Corning

Kay Lyn Mueting is Surgery Manager in Onaga. She also serves as Corning EMS ambulance captain and as a volunteer first responder. She recently took time to answer a few questions about this important work.

How long have you been serving, and how many others serve in this capacity?

I have served as ambulance captain for the last two years and as a first responder for four years. We have several first responders and numerous firemen. We are really lucky that the fire department will join us for calls when we get called out. They will often drive and help with whatever we may need. A few of us have spouses that serve on fire department as well. When the pager goes off or text comes through, we discuss who is going and who is staying home to watch the kids based on what the call is for. 

How has the service grown over time?

Since joining, I have been able to recruit several other RNs and 2 physician assistants to volunteer for our department. I have taught the fire department and first responders Stop the Bleed with the assistance of Seneca EMS and Mindy Olberding, chief nursing officer. When I first joined, we didn't have much other than a BP cuff, a few bandages, splints, and oxygen. Since joining, I have worked closely with Seneca EMS and Con Olson, Paramedic and Regional Executive Director to bring in IV supplies, medications, airways, CAT tourniquets, a new portable suction machine, and various other supplies and equipment that we previously did not have. I check outdates monthly and take care of making sure supplies are replaced, oxygen tanks are full, Zoll is checked, and suction is charged. We also added a book of protocols to keep on the truck. 

What do you like about volunteering in your community? ​

I like being able to help and educate others, whether it be members of our community or part of our team. 

How is it different from what you do each day at CHCS? ​

At CHCS, we have doctors to get orders from before we proceed with treatment, but in the field we do not. We just do what we think needs to be done until Seneca EMS is able to get to the scene and take over. I get to work with several of my coworkers from CHCS in the field as well. Also, working in surgery, I am used to having everything kept sterile. In the field, sterility it not a top priority. 

How can others get involved? ​

Support your local departments when they have fundraisers, etc. 

Anything else you’d like people to know about working as a first responder? ​

We are all volunteer. If we are around and able to go on the call we do. If we aren't, then we don't go. Corning is lucky to have employers in town that let their employees go on calls anytime they need to. Often, I am at work and am 20 minutes away along with several other of our first responders, but there are firemen in town who will willingly respond. 

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  • Dan & Pat Deterd | Sep 8th 2020 @ 9:56 PM

    Great job by all our first responders and firemen! Corning is lucky to have you all. Thank you!!

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