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Celebrating Nurses Week 2021

By Mindy Olberding, Chief Nursing Officer

The American Nurses Association created Nurses Week (May 6–12) to acknowledge the contribution nurses make to their communities and health systems. 

Here at CHCS, we have amazing nurses who provide extraordinary care and who, time and time again, rise to whatever challenge the world of healthcare can throw their way. The last year’s challenges with the pandemic were a testament to the commitment of nurses worldwide. From caring for patients sick with COVID to being support persons for co-workers to volunteering time away from usual work activities so they could help at COVID clinics, the nurses at CHCS were always there, rising to the occasion. 

This year, instead of taking a quote from a past nursing leader and reflecting on the inspiration provided, I felt highlighting some quotes from nurses across the system was more important. The nurses at CHCS each are inspirational in their own right. We asked nurses both why they became a nurse and what they loved the most about nursing. Their thoughts are below.

Why did I become a nurse?

"I always wanted to be a nurse because when I was younger I got to go to work with my dad and he worked at the local nursing home. I went and visited with many of the residents when I was young and found out that I enjoyed the elderly and helping others." --Alexis Whorton, RN, Home Health

“I became a nurse because I needed to go back to work with the death of my husband.  I saw the love of nursing in my daughters and wanted to follow in their footsteps. I had a choice in 9th grade to go to a vo-tech school for nursing during school and chose to follow the college prep courses instead, so now I get a second chance." Deborah Cain, Assistant Director of Nursing, St. Mary Manor

“When I was 19 and had my son I had an amazing nurse and I wanted to be that person for others.”  --Ashley Bean, RN, Onaga Acute/OB  

“I wanted to advocate and care for others when they can’t themselves.”   --Lacey Niehues, RN, Nurse Manager, Onaga Acute   

“I just felt it was in me to do this. When I was little I would give my baby dolls their shots.  I became super interested later on when my newborn had to have antibiotic IV treatments at the hospital for a staph infection. As a young teen I volunteered as a candy striper at both Stormont and St. Francis (not at the same time) and continued to develop an interest in anything medical.” --Vicky Frost, LPN, St. Marys Manor

“My grandmother and mother all worked at the nursing home and as a kid I was always down there with them. That made me grow to love and take care of people." --Jolene Wessel, RN, Charge Nurse, Onaga Acute   

“I started as a kitchen aide, then CMA, then progressed slowly to and LPN at 42 years." --Diane Mayhew,  LPN, Onaga Acute  

“Always wanted to be a nurse since I was a child.”  --Linda Heinen, RN, Onaga Acute/Specialty Clinics  

“I became a nurse because of my grandmother. I helped care for her at age 12 through 14 and she told me I would make a good nurse when I grew up. I love caring for our residents and talking with them gives a purpose to my life.” --Pat Hartwich, RN, St. Marys Manor

“I always enjoyed watching any television show or movie that dealt with the medical field, even when I was 5-6 years old.  I loved anatomy class. Part of that class was a field trip to the Seneca Hospital and following nursing staff around for the afternoon. I think that's what sealed the deal." --Pat Flentie, Onaga Clinic Lead Nurse

What do I enjoy most about being a nurse?

"I like I can make the nursing home their home.” --Deborah Cain, Assistant Director of Nursing, St. Mary Manor

"I enjoy being a nurse because I get to help people when they are going through tough times, mentally or physically. I always refer back to "they will forget what you said, ,forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel." I find that to be true in many instances and often they will remember how you made them feel in the process of healing and that is a rewarding feeling." – Alexis Whorton, RN, Community Home Health

“I enjoy diverse and challenging nature of the job and the unexpected. I like learning something new every day.” --Amanda Rempe, RN, Onaga Acute   

“To help someone when they are at their worst.” --Christine Merriman, RN, Onaga Acute   

“I love learning new skills!  I love taking care of my residents & their families.  I enjoy working as a team with my coworkers.  Too many things I love about being a nurse to really list!” --Vicky Frost, LPN, St. Marys Manor

"I have always enjoyed helping others, and nursing is the calling in which you get to do just that." --Ann Stallbaumer, LPN, Pharmacy

"Nursing is a calling; a call to be the eyes, ears, hands and heart of Jesus. It is a chance to let His light shine through us."  --Renee Trippel, RN, Pharmacy  

“Helping others.”  --Rebeckah Rombeck, RN, Onaga Acute/OB   

“I love the everyday variety in nursing, from newborns to elderly, hearing about patients' lives, what they've accomplished, what makes them who they are.” --Pat Flentie, Onaga Clinic Lead Nurse

Here is to another great year of overcoming challenges and providing excellent care to our patients. Thank you for all you do!   


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