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Community HealthCare System Expands Orthopedic Care With Launch of Total Joint Program

Community HealthCare System Expands Orthopedic Care With Launch of Total Joint Program

To meet the growing demand for specialized joint care in northeast Kansas, Community HealthCare System (CHCS) has expanded its orthopedic services to include a comprehensive Total Joint Program. This expansion, made possible in part by the recent addition of orthopedic surgeon Daniel Samani, MD , brings a more advanced level of joint care to the region, marking a significant milestone for the hospital and its surrounding communities.

"We are proud to introduce our comprehensive total joint program, a first-of-its-kind for CHCS," said Todd Willert, Chief Executive Officer. “It’s an honor to have a surgeon as experienced and dedicated as Dr. Samani here to help our communities stay active and pain-free through better joint health.”

Dr. Samani specializes in joint replacement and reconstructive surgery of knees, shoulders, and hips. He joins CHCS not only as a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with 30 years of experience but also as a key member of CHCS’s multidisciplinary Total Joint Care team. From imaging to surgery, rehabilitation, care navigation, and more, patients now receive a seamless experience across the complete continuum of joint surgical care. Other highlights of CHCS’s Total Joint Program include:

  • Personalized Care Plans: A dedicated team of physicians, physical and occupational therapists, imaging experts, and care navigators collaborates to create personalized treatment plans for every patient.
  • Advanced Technology: CHCS is home to state-of-the-art imaging, including MRI with the widest bore available on the market, as well as rapid access to high-quality images and test results.
  • Onsite Physical Therapy: Licensed and certified professional therapists work closely with patients to achieve an efficient, effective recovery process. Physical therapy at CHCS combines patient education, individualized exercise, and manual therapy in a custom-built onsite fitness center.

“As an orthopedic surgeon and joint specialist, I’m proud to say my goals for my patients align perfectly with CHCS’s mission to enrich people’s health and lives,” said Dr. Samani. “Together as a team, we are inspired by our patients to deliver excellence, and we look forward to doing so for years to come.”

The CHCS Total Joint Program is available now for knee and shoulder procedures. Hospital leaders and Dr. Samani say they will add hip procedures in the near future. To learn more about the Total Joint Program and other orthopedic services at CHCS, or to make an appointment with Dr. Samani, visit or call 785-889-5039.





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