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Youth Health and Wellness

We all benefit from support when trying to lead healthy and productive lives, none more than our youth.

The health of a child or teen has far-reaching impact. Not only does health affect a child’s present, it has a tremendous influence on his or her future. Those youngsters experiencing good physical health and mental well-being are much more likely to succeed in school, avoid high-risk behavior and go on to reach their full potential. They are also far more likely to become healthy, productive adults who contribute to society and become engaged in our communities.

Community HealthCare System offers fun and interactive programs to support youth in their achievement of health and wellness, so they can go on to reach their full potential.

In a comfortable setting, youth learn how a balanced lifestyle can lead to improved health, weight and self confidence. Individual and family nutrition counseling assists in learning and practicing lifelong health habits.

Our team of compassionate and experienced specialists (physicians, behaviorists and registered dietitians) provide non-judgmental, enjoyable, affordable and effective multidisciplinary preventive care and treatment to encourage you and your family—within the hospital and community—to embrace healthful eating and physical activity habits.

What matters to youth matters to us, and we orient your program accordingly.

Your treatment program may include:

  • Complete evaluation by the clinic’s multidisciplinary team to understand the potential causes and complications of the your condition.
  • Family behavioral counseling.
  • Visiting other specialists for related medical comorbidities (health problems that exist at the same time as the overweight/obesity problem).
  • A family-centered plan to achieve weight reduction and fitness goals.

Treatment decisions are made jointly by the health and wellness team and with the youth’s family practice provider.