Swing Bed Program

To meet the needs of patients who are in a transition phase of illness or recovery whose medical needs cannot be met at home or in a long-term care facility but whose condition no longer requires admission to an acute care unit, Community HealthCare System’s Swing Bed Program provides rehabilitation and recovery services specifically tailored to meet each patient’s individual needs.

The Swing Bed Program is like a bridge between the hospital and your home.

CHCS’s Swing Bed Program allows us to use hospital beds, with round- the-clock registered nursing care, and the benefit of in-house diagnostic imaging, laboratory, rehabilitation, general surgery and emergency care, for Patients whose condition has stabilized but who still require a skilled level of care.

Swing Bed/Skilled Care services that CHCS offers includes:

  • Rehabilitation, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy and/or speech therapy.
  • Rehabilitation after surgery or a stroke.
  • Activities.
  • Chronic disease management.
  • IV medication therapy once an illness has been stabilized.
  • Pain management.
  • Nutritional guidance.
  • Wound care management

If you would like additional information about the Swing Bed Program, or other services that CHCS offers, please call us.

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