Speech-Language Therapy

Community HealthCare System’s speech-language therapy team provides speech and language evaluations and speech therapy for patients of all ages.

To provide you with the best care possible, our services are:

  • Based on the most current speech pathology research and best practices.
  • Provided in a family centered, caring environment.

We treat patients with:

  • Receptive language delays or disorders – difficulty understanding spoken or written information.
  • Expressive language delays or disorders – difficulty using language (verbal, non-verbal or written) to communicate with others.
  • Social-communication disorders, such as autism spectrum disorders.
  • Cognitive-linguistic deficits, such as memory impairment.
  • Articulation and phonological disorders – difficulty producing speech sounds correctly.
  • Motor speech disorders, such as apraxia – difficulty coordinating muscle movements to produce speech.
  • Voice disorders – problems with the voice, such as hoarseness or loss of voice.
  • Resonance and airflow disorders, such as speech problems that may occur for children with cleft palate.
  • Feeding and swallowing disorders.
  • Fluency disorders, such as stuttering.
  • Hearing loss, who may benefit from aural rehabilitation.
  • Severe communication disorders, who may benefit from augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).

It is also important to have your hearing evaluated to rule out hearing loss. To schedule a hearing evaluation, please contact 785-889-4657, ext. 1164.

Our Team

Speech therapists are licensed professionals. We complete continuing education units (CEUs) regularly as part of our license requirements. We also attend departmental education training opportunities throughout the year.

Our speech therapy service is part of the Department of Rehabilitation Services.

Contact Us

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Speech Therapy

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Frankfort: 785-292-4615
Holton: 785-364-3205
Onaga: 785-889-4274
St. Marys: 785-437-3768

For Scheduling Services, simply contact:
Patient Access Services
785-889-4272, ext. 2102 or 1-800-889-4274