Level IV Trauma Center

When a traumatic injury occurs, designated trauma centers are prepared to provide a full range of emergency care, including assessment, resuscitation, and stabilization. Designated trauma centers must meet essential criteria that ensures trauma care capability and institutional performance as outlined by the American College of Surgeons and endorsed by the Kansas Advisory Committee on Trauma.

The goal of the Kansas Trauma System is to ensure each patient is properly triaged and matched to the hospital with the most appropriate resources as quickly as possible. Because patients with severe injuries require rapid, specialized treatment to ensure the best chance for recovery, a trauma system increases their chances for survival and reduces their chance of permanent disability.

Community HealthCare System’s Onaga Hospital is a Level IV Trauma Center, which means the hospital provides:

  • Around the clock coverage by doctors and nurses trained in advanced trauma life support (ATLS) protocols,
  • 24/7 laboratory and diagnostic imaging coverage, and
  • close working relationships with local and regional EMTs to ensure patients are transported to the most appropriate facility when necessary.

Trauma Team

When the trauma team is activated, patients are met by an emergency room doctor, lab and imaging staff. A thorough evaluation is performed along with any needed lifesaving interventions. On occasion, a higher level of care may be needed, and patients are transferred to a Level I, II or III trauma facility.

Trauma patients admitted to Community Hospital Onaga can count on continued support of their physical and emotional recovery. Patients have access to a full rehabilitation staff, social workers, and more.

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