Having a baby is a miracle, and Community HealthCare System nurses make sure you get the personalized, compassionate, one-on-one care and attention you deserve in a warm, supportive, family-oriented environment that meets your and your baby’s unique needs. We support your entire journey into parenthood and strive to resolve any fears or anxiety you may have about giving birth and being a parent. CHCS offers you a childbirth experience like no other.

We feature:

  • An experienced labor and delivery team.
  • 24-hour obstetric anesthesia for pain management.
  • An emergency cesarean childbirth team.
  • A neonatal specialist referral relationship.
  • Spacious, all-private rooms.
  • Whirlpool laboring tubs.
  • Personalized and experienced postpartum nursing care.
  • Queen size, adjustable massage bed for postpartum comfort.
  • A safe, comfortable environment.

At CHCS, we offer you choices so you can tailor your family-centered birth experience to reflect your wishes. Unique to CHCS, our innovative care model ensures mothers and infants are cared for as one, by the same nurse, to facilitate teaching of parenting skills and to promote family bonding. This model of care keeps baby with the mother longer and allows the father to have a more active role in the birthing process. And, since baby stays close to mother, mothers and babies will experience more successful breastfeeding, which provides for optimal nutrition and immune system support.

Our nurses are trained to promote and provide an expanded menu of options for labor and pain management and new infant care, all in keeping with our respect for the role of the mother.

We provide a variety of prenatal and postpartum services to meet your every need.

The goal of our family-centered care is to obtain the best possible healthy outcome for all members of the family, both individually and as a group.

Special Services for Mothers

  • Lactation services.
  • Complimentary labor and delivery unit tour.
  • Physician referrals.
  • Keepsake birth certificate.
  • Website birth announcement (by request).
  • Private rooms.

If you would like a tour or information on birthing classes, or if you have any questions or concerns, please call us at the number below.

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