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St. Marys - Patient Transportation - 20 hours/week

Career Details

Part-time St. Marys Posted on 7/7/2021

  • Transport patients to and from hospital, clinics, specialty clinics and places of residence.
  • Wash exterior and clean interior of CHCS fleet so that the fleet projects and professional clean and well-repaired image.
  • Perform basic preventive maintenance on CHCS fleet including but not limited to checking and filing oil and other fluid levels, check air levels in tires, and other tasks as appropriate.
  • Do weekly checklist on KDOT vehicles and perform a daily checklist before each trip.
  • Responsible lab and/or imaging deliveries as needed
  • Sweep, clean and organize Maintenance garage.
  • Empty shred boxes on a regular schedule or as needed.
  • Monitor and deliver all recyclables to recycle trailer.
  • Back-up courier.
  • Other duties as assigned which may include assignment to other departments.
  • Supports and abides by the mission, values, and policies of CHCS in all activities.
  • On-going compliance with CHCS educational requirements.
  • All other duties as required.