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Holton - Medical Interpreter - 40 hours/week

Career Details

Full-time Holton Posted on 8/20/2021

  1. Follow up calls to schedule any patients needing interpreter at time of office visit
    1. Would need to work with nursing / provider's 
    2. Provide interpretation following office visit to review labs / or have set up a follow office visit
  2. Prepare any translated forms in the office that would better serve our Hispanic and Guatemalan community. 
    1. Review and update forms for OB / Wellness visits etc.
  3. Dedicate time for scanning medical information 
    1. Working with Registration to scan daily faxes / paper charts / etc.
    2. File and organize daily communication for new patients requiring interpretation / translation and assistance with forms. 
  4. Provide interpretation for patients that are walk in and or scheduled for any process within our clinic including lab, radiology , OPC and PT / IT services. 
  5. Fill in as needed for screener in a limited capacity.  
  6. ***Any scanning or screening work would only be done in times of downtime when Interpreter is not needed.
    1. Pay would be allocated to either Registration or Interpreter hours as directed by the day's work. 
  7. If worked by 2 individuals the work schedule would be as follows:
    1. Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday. (On call 2 Saturdays a month 8am-Noon)
    2. Tuesday, Thursday and every other Friday.  (On call 2 Saturdays a month 8am-Noon)
  8. Meet with Lead Nurse and Registration Supervisor weekly to review any new needs or requests by provider / nursing. 
  9. Community Work
    1. Schedule dates and times to round with Ja. Co. Health Dept. and Headstart quarterly to see if we can assist with getting information out to the community. 
    2. Health Fair - yearly
    3. Meet and greet planned once a year or bi yearly to socialize with the Hispanic and Guatemalan communities within Jackson County. 
  10. Work to provide the Best Patient experience with every interaction. 
  11. Assist with registration duties