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Holton - Environmental Services Tech (Housekeeping)

Career Details

Full-time Holton Posted on 10/15/2021

  • Dusts furniture, woodwork and equipment and dust-mops floors. Polishes and cleans fixtures in rooms and bathrooms. 
  • Operates mechanical floor cleaners, buffers, vacuums, shampooers and related environmental service equipment. 
  • Wet-mops rooms, halls and other areas; shampoos rugs and furniture. 
  • Cleans vents, fan fixtures, top of windows, doorframes and other high areas using a ladder. 
  • Gathers and disposes of trash and waste materials using specified bags or containers. 
  • Buffs, strips, waxes and polishes floors. 
  • Performs terminal cleaning procedures of patient/surgical rooms and prepares rooms for new occupants; follows isolation procedures in isolation rooms. 
  • Cleans and disinfects all fixtures, floors, mirrors, windows, doors and walls of bathrooms. 
  • Delivers linens to departments according to pre-established par levels and schedules. Distributes emergency supplies as needed. 
  • Keeps work areas neat and orderly, cleans equipment and assists with other cleaning duties as assigned. 
  • Assists with evacuations, when needed.
  •  Supports and abides by the mission, values, and policies of CHCS in all activities.
  • On-going compliance with CHCS educational requirements.
  • All other duties as required.